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Crystal Clear

  • Ultra-fine grade for optimal filtration
  • A Healthy Pool
  • Eco-Friendly

Ultra-fine grade for optimal filtration

Composed of 100% glass crystals selected for their large surface area contact, Crystal Clear guarantees an ultra-fine filtration (as small as 20 microns) for crystal clear water and an unmatched swimming comfort.

Filtrasyon Ekipmanı Crystal Clear

A Healthy Pool

Glass filtration prevents the development of micro-organisms in the filter, naturally slowing the development of chloramines, molecules that can cause an unpleasant chlorine smell and eye or skin irritation.

Filtrasyon Ekipmanı Crystal Clear


Saves up to 75% of water during filter washes. Because the crystals are a lot less prone to clogging their cleaning is achieved more quickly and easily.

Filtrasyon Ekipmanı Crystal Clear
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