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CNX 30 iQ

  • Optimal cleaning performance
  • Integrated agility
  • Control via iAquaLink® app
  • Ease of use
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Optimal cleaning performance

Its patented cyclonic suction is powerful and long-lasting. Its helix shaped brushes and dual stage progressive filtration collect debris more efficiently, even the smallest ones. With CNX™, your pool will be perfectly clean all year round.

Robot temizleyiciler CNX 30 iQ

Integrated agility

With its embedded smart sensors and its unique design, CNX™ offers excellent pool coverage and limitless agility. Thus, it is ideal for all pool shapes and surfaces.

Robot temizleyiciler CNX 30 iQ

Control via iAquaLink® app

Thanks to the iAquaLink™ app, the robot's functions can be accessed remotely via a smartphone. The robot has a remote control function, the cycle time is adjustable and cleaning progress can be monitored at any time. It has a revolutionary system of automatic function updates.

Robot temizleyiciler CNX 30 iQ
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